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Design change: digital showroom becomes ‘ONE A professionals


Architectural lighting

ONE A is a Danish company that specializes in architectural lighting design and smart-home technology without compromising the design.


Visual harmony to your home or business

The main purpose for ONE A is to create a perfect merge between minimalistic design aesthetics and smart-home technology to bring visual harmony to your home or business.

Our solutions and award-winning products are primarily used in private luxury residences, office landscapes, yachts, jewellery boutiques and Michelin restaurants and are highly recognized within these lines of businesses.

The first amongst the first

Our ambitions have always been towering, hence choosing not only the first number in the row but also the first letter in our name, ONE A, signaling that we want to be the first amongst the first.

We only use the finest materials of the highest quality in our products, and by paying attention to every detail in the design and production process, we ensure the absolute highest quality in every single architectural lighting design and smart-home product that we offer.

All materials are chosen individually, and each piece is evaluated with extreme care and attention to detail.

All our products are 100% Danish design, and are all assembled at our headquarter in Denmark.


A desire to merge architectural lighting and smart-home technology

ONE A was born in 2008 through a desire to combine architectural lighting design and smart-home technology in an aesthetic and minimalistic unity with a minimum of noise and visibility and made only from the finest materials.

We are here, to create the perfect merge of interior lighting design, architectural lighting fixtures and technology.