Heatherhill Beach House by Norm Architects

Heatherhill Beach House by Norm Architects

“Nestled amidst scenic hills, facing the beach and Kattegat, Heatherhill Beach House is a harmonious blend of Danish architectural traditions and contemporary innovation. In every facet, this exceptional holiday home is a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the elegance of nature. It is a home that not only respects the environment but also invites it in, creating a living space that is truly one with the world outside.” Norm Architects



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“Every joint, connection, and detail are intentional and finely
tuned, each playing a specific role to serve a larger whole
that engages with us on an emotional and practical level.
With this essentialist mindset we’ve wanted to create a
space that last, rather than succumbing to passing trends or
construction shortcuts.

Peter Eland, Norm Architects

“A light tone-in-tone material palette creates an airy, open
feel that bathes the interior in a soft, diffused light. This
way of amplifying natural light and thus highlighting the
transitions of day in a subtle manner has been a key design
driver in the project.”

Sofie Bak, Norm Architects

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