Obumex showroom | John Pawson - Tel Aviv

A re-edition of the iconic John Pawson Kitchen in Tel Aviv

As a part of Obumex 60 years anniversary, they launched a reimagined version of the iconic John Pawson kitchen, originally designed by this renowned British architect 25 years ago. The re-edition signature kitchen is displayed in the Obumex showroom in Tel Aviv, in a setting that resembles a house more than a store.

For this project, John Pawson pointed toward ONE A and the STORM SYSTEM® and stated the following –

“I have spent all of my working life in pursuit of simplicity. ONE A’s Storm System is a perfect tool for reducing visual noise in the spaces I create .”


Client: Obumex
Architect: John Pawson
Photographer: Amit Geron

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ONE A products used

Products used By Obumex | John Pawson

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