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CEILING | recessed


Storm Medium Short 25

Storm Medium Direct

Storm Medium Moon

Storm Small Short

Storm Small Direct

Storm Small Moon

CEILING | semi - recessed

Storm Small Out 45

Storm Small Bell 45



Storm Medium Long 25

Storm Medium Base & Tube

Storm Medium Sun

Art M200

Storm Medium Out 200

Storm Small Long

Storm Small Sun

Art S200

Storm Small Out

CEILING | surface

Track M200 & M200D

Beautiful designer ceiling lights 

The ceiling light plays a significant role in how a space is perceived. A beautiful and stunning pendant design can truly transform a space into a luxurious haven.

Modern flush ceiling lights offers a perfect blend of function and beauty and is an ideal choice to place above the

dining table, kitchen island or even in the entry hall in the private luxury residence.


A perfect blend between style, function and simplicity

Our ALUBAST DIRECT pendant is a perfect blend of style and simplicity. Rather than dominating the space, the architectural design of the lamp accentuates the surroundings.

The pendant emits a calm light from the alabaster, combined with direct spotlight placed in the lower part of the tube.

When used as e.g. luxury living room ceiling light, the eyes will immediately be drawn to the polished, smooth surface of the pendant.

Flush ceiling lights

If a more flush, clean and minimalistic ceiling light is desired, our Storm System Moon & Sun designer ceiling lights are the perfect choice. The Storm System Moon & Sun are exclusive and beautiful ceiling lights but with a minimalistic and discreet design.
The Storm Medium Sun is a small dimmable ceiling light, that emits a soft and pleasant light. The Storm Medium Moon is a slightly different ceiling light, ideal as a night light.

Both ceiling light are made from the beautiful alabaster stone and are designed to flush ceilings or walls regardless of placement.

Beautiful and distinct ceiling light design

Brighten up the kitchen-, dining- or meeting tables with a distinct pendant ceiling light from ONE A.

Luxury lighting adds drama, intrigue and wow-factor to a space.

ONE A’s X-tendable pendant is made for the private luxury residence or high-end business with exquisite taste and appreciation for quality.

The X-tendable pendant consists of an anodized base with a hand-wrapped leather cord detail. 2, 4, 6 or 8 spots are placed with 40 cm between each spot for an evenly distributed light. The pendant is dimmable and honeycombs in the lamp-heads prevents glaring. The pendant is truly an artwork with a functional purpose.

Aesthetic smart-home ceiling lights

Smart-home solutions are a natural evolution of our homes, bringing better appliances, better systems and better experiences. Unfortunately, the majority of smart-home solutions bear the mark of the lack of meaningful dialogue between smart-home installers and the architectural community.

However, with STORM SYSTEM® this has changed. STORM SYSTEM® offers beautiful and streamlined ceiling lights with innovative smart-home technologies in an architectural design. For instance, The Storm Medium Base is a sophisticated ceiling light, carefully designed to flush the surface of any ceiling. The light fixture has a minimalistic yet stunning design made by either concrete, glass or oak.

If a more functional ceiling light is desired, our Storm Medium Out and Storm Medium Track are ideal choices. Both fixtures are designed to rotate 350° and angle 180° and are both equipped with a honeycomb louvre to avoid glaring.