In collaboration with ONE A's architectural lighting partners

ONE A is specialised in designing and manufacturing architectural lighting and smart-home solutions. These products and solutions are primarily used in big private luxury residences, office landscapes, Yachts and Michelin restaurants. The following projects are planned and executed by our partners across the world.

Architectural lighting projects

Private Villa in Bavaria by Holzrausch

Heatherhill Beach House by Norm Architects

Selected Car Group | Denmark

Michelin Restaurant FRED | Rotterdam by Lichtadvies010

The holiday retreat by Denkkamer & Lichtmeesters | Netherlands

Oyster 675 | Private Yacht

Residential project by Kelly Boukobza & Lune Eclairage | Paris

Residential project by Møller & Rothe | Denmark

The GuestHouse by Lichtmeesters & WillemsenU | Netherlands

Private Swiss Villa | Orea

Radikal Klassisk by Puntofilipino | Spain

MONO by Arck Studio | Belgium

Dunas Dine | Belgium

SCHO by CAS Architecten | Belgium

Robert Stephan | David Chipperfield | House FM

Mountain house by LEGIO | Saas Fee

Kelly Boukobza 'Avenue Rapp' - Paris

JDB Showroom by TENARCHITECTS - Belgium

Raumkonzepte Peter Buchberger - Munich

Møller & Rothe project - Copenhagen

Residential project by Bob Manders - The Netherlands

SoLebIch Apartment - Munich

Patrick Treutlein Düsseldorf

Obumex showroom | John Pawson - Tel Aviv

Chimney House by David Thulstrup - Copenhagen

Private residence by Luc De Beir + Architecten - Belgium

Vester Voldgade by David Thulstrup - Copenhagen

Bang & Olufsen Concept Store 'Melbourne'

Bang & Olufsen Concept Store 'Flakhaven'


Penthouse WF by Guy de Vos - The Netherlands

PR39 by Alexander Brenner - Germany

Egloffstein - Germany

Car Club - Denmark

Nikkei Cuisine - Madrid

Retterspitz - Germany

Marylou Jewellery

Lighting design: ONE A

Old Mew House

Architect: Norm Architects - Lighting design: Møller & Rothe


Architect: Daluz Gonzalez ARCHITEKTEN AG - Lighting design: Design Centrum

Villa A

Lighting design: Bjarnhoff

Villa D

Lighting design: Bjarnhoff

Beauty Boutique

Lighting design: Helio Lights

Wine cellar

Lighting design: Bjarnhoff

Villa B | Mallorca, Spain

Lighting design: Aquaquae


Lighting design: Bjarnhoff

The Silo

Lighting design: LEGIO

Villa L

Lighting design: Bjarnhoff

Apartment K

Lighting design: Bjarnhoff