Residential project by Bob Manders - The Netherlands

This residential project by Bob Manders showcases how well great architecture and architectural lighting merge, and become one. Not only does Bob Manders Architecture stand out as a true masterpiece, but the lighting plan by Lichtmeesters is a true masterclass. The high-end residential project has been through a thorough renovation and each little corner and angle of the villa has been turned upside down.


STORM SYSTEM® in various ceilings and surfaces

The project is a perfect example of how STORM SYSTEM® can be installed in various surfaces and ceilings, such as wood, plaster, metal and concrete.


Architect: Bob Manders Architecture

Lighting plan: Lichtmeesters

Photo: Cafeine

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ONE A products used

Products used by Bob Manders

Storm Medium Short 25

Storm Medium Long 25

Storm Medium Base & Tube

Storm Medium Moon

Storm Small Out