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Over the years, the kitchen has slowly evolved into the core of the house and become the place where we spend most of our time. Especially with the growing popularity of the kitchen-dining area. Because of that, designing the right lighting scheme for the kitchen is more important than ever.

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The kitchen is the new living room

In most homes, the kitchen has many uses and is no longer just a place to cook food. The kitchen is where the family is congregated to talk, to eat and to just hang-out. It is one of the most, if not the most, important room within the house. Some even consider the kitchen the new living room, because of all the activity that takes place.
Over the past 20 years, the kitchen has become a place where more and more time is spent. Therefore, most modern kitchens are larger, more accommodating and have large tables and islands for the family and friends to sit around and enjoy each other’s company.

Kitchen lighting must be flexible

The lighting of the kitchen must be flexible since it must adapt to each of the tasks and activities that take place. In other words, it is important to have a combination of different kitchen lights. No single source can provide the necessary light for a kitchen. Different points of light and different types of lamps are needed to complement each other. For instance, a mixture of kitchen pendant lighting, kitchen table lighting, and kitchen island lighting is ideal.
There must also be proper task lighting in the kitchen to ensure visibility and safety while cooking, along with ambient lighting for the overall illumination of the room, and accent lighting to create the right atmosphere and mood and to highlight the architectural features and important objects of the kitchen.

Lighting is everything in a kitchen

Lighting is everything when it comes to interior design. It plays a big role in how we perceive and experience a space. It radically affects the appearance of geometry, along with our mood and emotions. This especially includes the kitchen. Proper kitchen lighting is essential to feel comfortable while performing different tasks in the kitchen.
The lighting is a key component to a great kitchen design as it can transform the kitchen from a boring and uninspiring small room, into a room which sets the standard for the rest of the home, and make it seem larger, more fashionable, and more exclusive.

Ambient lighting is the main source of light

Ambient lighting serves to illuminate the kitchen in a general way. The ambient light should be the main source of light in the kitchen. The ambient light must be distributed as evenly as possible from kitchen ceiling lights.
However, it can be reinforced with other types of lamps such as kitchen island pendant lighting. For instance, ONE A’s pendant lamp, X-tendable, is an ideal choice as kitchen light fixtures for the kitchen island as it will provide evenly distributed light across the island without glaring.

Task lighting in the kitchen

Ambient lighting does not provide sufficient light for working areas in the kitchen, where delicate task such as cutting, washing, or preparing food are carried out.
Ambient lighting will cause shadows in these areas, thus the need of task lighting. Task lighting will illuminate work surfaces and cabinets properly. This will not only make the tasks easier, but also safer.
Ideal kitchen task lighting options include led kitchen light fixtures to be place under the cabinet.
Under-cabinet lights are the most functional and necessary lighting in a kitchen and should be the brightest light in the kitchen.

Accent lighting adds dimension to the kitchen

Accent lighting adds dimension, interest, and mood to the kitchen. It also highlights the architectural features and important objects of the kitchen.
It serves to elevate aesthetics and empathize elements of interest. It can be artwork, porcelain, tableware, a plant, or any other element of your decoration. Accent lighting can help these elements stand out and shine.

Beautify the kitchen with decorative lamps

Modern kitchen lighting also consists of decorative lamps.
Decorative lamps, apart from offering a luminous effect, contributes to the aesthetics of the space. There are decorative lamps in different shapes and styles for the kitchen, such as hanging kitchen lights, kitchen ceiling light fixtures, black pendant light and so on.
The objective of decorative lamps is to beautify the kitchen. Decorative lamps can be incorporated on the kitchen island, around the sink, or in a special area where you want to add an attractive element.
The Alu-Blast collection by ONE A is an ideal choice as a decorative lamp for the kitchen. It can be assembled in various constellations and therefore fit in to any kitchen. Moreover, it can be installed either as surface-mounted fixtures or as pendants.
The collection provides an elegant soft light which will create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen.

Control the kitchen lighting with different circuits

When creating the lighting design for your kitchen, make sure not to put all the lights on a single circuit as this will limit the flexibility of the kitchen.
Instead, group the lamps in different circuits so that each one can be controlled to create the ideal scene. For instance, one circuit for the led kitchen ceiling lights, another one for the kitchen island light fixture, and a third for the under-cabinet lights.
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