The importance of lighting for a cottage

A cottage is a perfect way to escape everyday life and reconnect with people we love. A cottage can truly be a lifeline to sanity and help us relax and wind down. An important element in a cosy, relaxing cottage is lighting. However, a cottage typically has smaller rooms which means that the lighting design has to be cleverly thought out in order to create the coveted ‘cosy cottage feel’.

The right lighting is important

To create a relaxing, calm, and luxurious ambience in the cottage, lighting plays a central role. For reasons unknown, cottage lighting ideas are often overlooked when designing the interior of the cottage. However, with the vital role of the lighting in mind, lighting should be considered from the very beginning.

Highlight the features of the cottage

The first thing to consider, when choosing your cottage lighting ideas, is the size of the cottage. Always consider proportions. Let the overall size of the space and the height of the ceiling guide you. For instance, beautiful pendant lights can work well in a cottage with low ceiling, providing the pendant is not oversized and therefore not dominating the space or drawing attention away from the architectural features of the cottage. Instead, the pendant should complement and enhance the features of the cottage.

Alternatively, using wire lamps as the main lighting source may also be a suitable solution to create both sufficient and homely lighting. Finally, wall lights can be an appropriate solution to small cottages with low ceiling.

Cosy and homely cottage lighting

ONE A’s Alu-Blast collection is an ideal choice as cottage ceiling light. The Alu-Blast collection can be assembled in various constellations and lengths, making the series able to fit any exclusive cottage regardless of size.
The Alu-Blast collection is an elegant, discreet, and beautiful series. The series emits a soft, dimmable light, creating a cosy, warm and homely feeling in the cottage.

Minimalistic cottage kitchen lighting

Most high-end cottages are equipped with either a kitchen or at least cooking facilities. This calls for task lighting. Cottages are notoriously dark, which makes sufficient task lighting even more important. Pendant lights over the kitchen worktop, offers focused task light.

Our Alu-Blast collection is also an appropriate solution as kitchen lighting for high-end cottages. The Alu-Blast series will make a striking feature over the dining table and provide both atmosphere and functionality to the space. However, if an unfitted and more minimalistic look is preferred, spotlights will complement the style of the cottage kitchen without drawing attention away from the architectural features of the kitchen.

Innovative smart-home technology

Our innovative smart-home solution, STORM SYSTEM®, is a perfect solution as flush kitchen cottage lighting. The technology compliments minimalistic interiors as it leaves no visual noise nor any disarray. Furthermore, STORM SYSTEM® offers not only light but also various smart-home solutions such as cameras, smoke alarms, speakers, and much more – all of which uses the same, discreet mounting unit.

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