Our accessories are an add-on for the plastering. The process of getting flush ceilings become much easier and it allows you to use all Storm products without a lighting plan.

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The Storm Medium Front Ring is designed to cover the plaster ring, and can be used on any ceiling solution.

Available in White, Black, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Nature Brass, Weathered Brass

Storm Medium Cabinet is an accessory for the STORM SYSTEM® MEDIUM fixtures, and is designed to make the integration of the fixtures into the insulation possible, and can be used to reduce the horizontal safety distance.
Furthermore the Storm Medium Cabinet changes the chosen fixtures IP protection grade to IP44, with an exception of Storm Medium Smoke and Storm Medium Out.

The Storm Medium Plaster Ring Adaptor is designed to make the plastering process easier whilst ensuring a flush installation with the surface.

Storm Medium Adaptor Wall/Art is an accessory for Storm Medium Art/Wall fixture.
This product is used when integration into the wall is not possible.
A visible cable can be wired to the fixture through the adaptor.

Available in White, Black Pearl, Gold, Bronze

Storm Medium Extension Basic is designed for ceilings with a minimum of build-in depth. By using an extension fixture you will be able to extend the light as well as always keep safety distances.
The length of the fixture is custom-made and is based upon construction and safety regulations.

Available in White, Black, Nature Brass and Weathered Brass