State of the art products need state of the art light engines.

We have therefore, in collaboration with skilled manufactures, started developing our own light engines.
The new selection of light engines have been specifically chosen to ensure both high-quality performance and safety.
Safety is a big concern for us. All our light engines have therefore been tried and tested in combination with all ONE A light fixtures.
Strain relief and heat tests have likewise been carried out on all light engines.

A 24° optic is included in all MR16 light engines. The ‘twist & lock’ connection makes it easy and fast to change between optics.
A 30° lens in included in the dimmable MR11 light engine. The screw connection makes it possible to change between optics. A 24° lens is included in the D2W MR11 light engines.

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5W | MR11 constant current

5W | MR16 constant current

11W | MR16 constant current

15W | MR16 constant current

8W | MR16 230V