The feel of a limited edition with a minimum of limitations

With its design principles based on our X-tendable pendant – continuous and smooth flowing lines, with an added element, namely a curve -X-curve is an expansion of the X-family.

The X-curve is available in two standard configurations: X-C6 and X-C12. There is also the option of custom designing your own configuration, ensuring that you can create a pendant that fits perfectly within your project or home.

Geometry, a well-known concept from the world of architecture, defines the X-curve form language.

With just five elements the pendant can be configured into several variations, sizes and shapes, as well as open and closed curves.


Unfold a universe of endless possibilities

Set your creative playfulness free and unfold a universe of endless possibilities by downloading our 2D files from the link below.

The pendants are designed and produced in Denmark. Our talented production Team will hand-wrap a leather cord around the aluminium fixtures and assemble the entire pendant by hand. The elegant, finished result is ensured by our non-compromising approach. X-curve is available in the following finishes and leather colours:


Download the 2D package and product specifications here: Datasheets | 2D package

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